I know we will all feel safer once Lori Loughlin is off the streets. From “Full House” to the big house.

Has anyone checked on John Stamos lately?

Will the Hallmark Channel still want her for half-a-dozen B-movies a year? And whatever happened to “helping your kid” by encouraging them, sitting with them, proof-reading their essays? If working people have the time to do this, surely Felicity Huffman does too.

What you have to remember is that these actresses making bail are only the appetizer course. They only forked over the money to this lowlife William Singer because they heard about how it worked. It’s not like they invented him.

If you go through the full DOJ affidavit (which is like spending an afternoon chained to Elizabeth Warren), you read tales of smarmy entitlement and depressing stupidity.

By people you’ve never heard of. Lots of them.

Singer, after the feds flipped him like a Geo Tracker, estimates that he ran the scam at least 750 times.

Wired for sound, the FBI had him call some “clients” to talk over the terms of the payments.

In one of my favorites, Singer’s talking to a guy who made a pile in bottled water. He wants his son to get a water polo scholarship at USC. Water polo, Of course. Price: $250,000.

They talk about how the high school’s guidance counselor throws a wrench in the works: this kid never played the sport—and the school has never offered it, either.

Mr. Water Bottle is indignant: the counselor is invading his son’s “privacy” by “challenging” the application!

He’s cheating, but how dare the lowly guidance counselor…um…do his job!

Actually, it turns out honest guidance counselors were the downfall of a few  cheaters…er, clients.

I don’t know about the kids, but these parents (including some attorneys) aren’t too bright. Where’d they go to school?

How far it goes, no one knows. Singer is just one of these “consultants” and we live in a time of deranged obsession with status symbols like prestigious college admissions.

It’s a sure bet there’s more to come: more pompous, pampered, progressive “clients”.

Which will lead to more and more people who play by the rules wondering why they do, and if they should.

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