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We Are Missing The Point With “Stay Home, Stay Safe”

San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg displays himself wearing a mask during the city's daily coronavirus update. (Screenshot/City of San Antonio)

Over 20 million jobs lost in April, over 34 million lost since the “shutdowns”.

Staying home ain’t so safe.

We have lost something basic and obvious:


There are jobs and companies that are not coming back, ever. We’ve lost initiative, opportunity, and, yes, dignity. Government checks aren’t the same.

You don’t just reboot the strongest economy in modern American history with the press of a button.

We didn’t want to overwhelm the hospital systems. We didn’t.

But life is balancing risk and reward. America’s all about that. People risked their lives to launch our democratic experiment. Later, others, like my grandparents, risked their lives to come here. And when their weary feet touched these shores, they faced even more risk. And took more still. And made history doing so. Made the world a better place, too.

Boy, am I glad that they didn’t “stay home, stay safe”. Every day.

We’ve made “risk” a shameful word for the first time in our history. At the same time, we’ve taught that more government control equals more safety. Nothing in our history supports that. Almost all of history refutes it.

You and I all have our levels of prudence. I don’t want to get sick, or die. Or want it to happen to you.

And I get the politics of it. Nothing’s been more predictable than the weaponization of the coronavirus for Democrats and other Trump-deranged souls.

Still, there has to be balance. Risk and reward. Not being forced into extremes. Binge watching, binge eating, binge buying, binge panicking.

Gaining weight and losing freedoms.

Have faith in me, that I am a rational, compassionate person who will try and do the right things, out there. I promise I’ll believe the same of you.

Safety is good, but ask yourself: who’s defining it for you?

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