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SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — A performer at Fiesta is apologizing for a diatribe he went on during his show.

A.B. Quintanilla III, the brother of late Tejano legend Selena, was onstage during the Tejano Explosion show Saturday night and apparently felt his efforts weren’t appreciated.

In between songs, Quintanilla let into the crowd because he felt they weren’t participating.

In a video posted online, he can be heard saying:

“Like somebody put a gun to your head, and forced you to be here tonight, you know what I’m saying?” And that feels horrible, as a musician, to work so f—ing hard over all these years to bring you hits and you guys come here, and you can’t even f—ing raise your hands to f—ing clap or be happy, man. You know, that feels sad for us.”

He went on to say he was taking his music elsewhere and would not perform in San Antonio again.

Some fans booed, others got up and walked out. Quintanilla eventually packed up and got on his bus.

Quintanilla has posted a video on his Instagram account, apologizing for the outburst. In it, he blamed his actions on the fact that he was not taking his medication. He said that a doctor recently told him to get checked for cancer and he stopped taking the medication in order to not affect the result of the biopsy.  He also says he’s had mental health issues since the death of his sister.

He added that he has not been diagnosed with any type of cancer.

Quintanilla then asked fans to have some sympathy for him.


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