At A Glance, From Aboard a UFO

Just for fun, I sometimes like to imagine how we would (or do?) look to extraterrestrial observers.

Millions of miles away, maybe eons ahead in tech or development, maybe a lot like us, or not at all. Checking us out, down here on Earth.

Let’s say they zoom in on the United States political landscape, and start sorting out the players.

Here’s how I think it might look to them:

THE LEFT: Split between sympathies for Palestinians and for Israel Jews, but afraid to defend Jews in the western world.

THE RIGHT: Divided over Ukraine, and by extension,  weirdly considering the symbolic sacrifice of their own legislative leader, Mike Johnson, over the foreign aid bill.

THE LEFT: America is too wicked and sinful to be the world’s policeman, but not too dirtied up to be the world’s ATM machine.

THE RIGHT: Divided between anti-interventionists who decry a world that’s too different from us, versus pseudo-hawks who’ve never met a war they didn’t want to involve us in.

Imagine the clarity you would have observing our squabbles and machinations from far away, with no “dog in the race” and no bias toward a side?

Victories would look more like defeats, and vice-versa.

Like, what if Ukraine has already “won” its war, because Moscow’s soaring costs and humiliation renders future Russian expansionism much less likely?

Oddly enough, I think our watchful audience would be amused at how the different political parties, sides, or “wings”, have so much confidence in government, as long as they control it, and so little trust and common-cause with the people being governed.


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