XTC Cabaret on San Antonio’s Northeast side loses it’s Certificate of Occupancy for violating public health order

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Hold onto those dollar bills.

The city has shut down a Northeast side strip club because they violated Mayor Nirenberg’s public health order.

When staff members at XTC Cabaret arrived for work on Tuesday, they were met with a notice on the doors that the city had revoked the establishment’s Certificate of Occupancy.

Since the pandemic began, City Code Enforcement had visited the business numerous times.

XTC Cabaret has racked up several citations with two coming after the last visit by the city.

They were issued when officials witnessed social distancing violations.

Now the club has to apply to have it’s Certificate of Occupancy returned and can’t operate legally until they get it back.

But that could take some time…and a lot of money.

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