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Cruz faces hostile crowd at Los Angeles International Airport

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Senator Ted Cruz probably won’t forget his most recent stop at Los Angeles International Airport .

Video posted to social media show the Senator, dressed in khaki shorts and a blue shirt, waiting to catch a flight to Houston on Sunday.

That’s when he encountered San Francisco Supervisor Hillary Ronen.

Ronen used the opportunity to speak her mind about the migrant detention centers in Texas.

She introduced herself and challenged Cruz to use his position to “dismantle the cages” being used to hold migrant children.

Ronen posted the video to her Facebook page of Cruz attempting to explain the process of granting her request but Ronen wasn’t satisfied with his answers.

He tells Ronen that the cages were constructed by President Obama and that Democrats were blocking efforts to come up with a solution. Ronen didn’t bite, she kept on with her plea and asked Cruz how he slept at night at to “wrestle” with his conscience to stop the detainment of children and separation of families.

But that wasn’t the worst part about Cruz’s stop at LAX.

A group of protestors who call themselves “Voto Latino” began chanting “Free the children” as Cruz attempted to talk to the handful of supporters who wished him well.




Eventually, Cruz was pulled away from the dozens of protesters by someone from his staff. He waited for his flight back home in a private area of the airport.

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