Family of woman shot and killed by San Antonio Police Officers during mental health crisis files lawsuit

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — The family of a San Antonio woman who was shot and killed by police officers last month, has filed a lawsuit.

A civil lawsuit against the city and the three San Antonio Police Officers involved in the shooting of Melissa Perez claims the city violated her constitutional rights.

It states the 46 year old’s death was due to the city’s policies, procedures, training and lack of enforcement.

The lawsuit seeks compensation for the Perez’s 3 children, but a specific dollar amount isn’t mentioned.

She was shot the night of June 23 when she was confronted by police officers while she was reportedly experiencing a mental health crisis. Firefighters were called when Perez began cutting the wires to a fire alarm because she believed the FBI was using it to spy on her. They called police for backup.

The officers opened fire when they were approached by Perez.

All three officers have since been charged with murder and have been suspended from the SAPD.

Attorney Dan Packard released a video explaining why the lawsuit was filed.

“Of course we seek compensation for the family. But this case is much bigger than that. We also seek real and meaningful change in the way the police department operates. The police department needs to change the way it disciplines offending officers and needs to make sure that bad actors are not reinstated and places back out in the public. The police department needs to change its response to people who have mental illness, so that they receive compassionate care, rather than a paramilitary response.”

The SAPD’s internal affairs and homicide units along with the Bexar County DA’s Office are investigating the shooting.

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