These Are The Worst Revolutionaries…Evah

Everything about the age of Biden is sucky.

We don’t even make good college radicals like we used to!

I mean, c’mon, those ’60s vintage protesters were strumming the Youngbloods and CSN on their guitars, camped out in their 23-window VW buses.

Fast forward to today, and these malodorous losers are tonelessly chanting “from the river to the sea”, and not knowing which river, which sea, or where their asses are.

Not only do they want every day to be 10/7, but now they have even more demands, and these will make you mad, if you’re not already.

After a mini-wave of much-belated repercussions for their cereal-aisle tantrums on college campuses from Austin to Amherst, there are now manifestos screeching for special treatment.

I think their keffiyehs may be on too tight.

Realizing the legal and academic consequences of their ill-considered pogrom, we’re hearing a lot of “amnesty” talk from these stunning and brave Hamas-Americans.

Amnesty from suspension, expulsion or loss of credits. Final exam deferments. Expunged school records. Really? Would you like a cookie with that?

And my personal favorite, a “ban” on future employers holding their behavior against them in the hiring process. As Joe would say, “no joke!”

Besides the obvious problem of who would enforce (and how?) such a bonkers idea…imagine thinking that you should be immune from other people assessing your conduct and making decisions about it?

On the other hand, for these participation trophy Marxists, can you really imagine them NOT thinking it?

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