Governor Abbott: Texas has the constitutional right to defend itself from invasion

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Texas does not appear to be backing down from its stance that it has the right to defend its border from invasion.

Governor Greg Abbott doubled-down on his position in a recent op-ed published by the New York Post.

Texas has declared an invasion at the southern border as historic numbers of illegal immigrants from numerous parts of the world flood the nation’s immigration system. Governor Abbott continues to point to Mexican drug cartels that operate as a paramilitary force along the Texas-Mexico border as a primary threat to U.S. citizens.

“One of the most crucial rights granted in the U.S. Constitutional is a state’s ability to secure its own border,” writes Governor Abbott. “Texas is leading the fight, with the help of Governors from across the country, to do the job that President Joe Biden has failed to do. We will continue to build barriers that deny illegal entry into our state, arrest immigrants that cross illegally, and fulfill our duty to secure the border. We are inheritors of a responsibility first recognized by our brave ancestors more than 235 years ago. As long as we must, we will defend our state, and this nation, from grievous threats to our border.

Recent polling shows a growing number of voters approve of more troops being sent to the border as a standoff continues between Texas and the White House over illegal immigration. In addition to sending more troops and announcing plans for a military base in Eagle Pass, Governor Abbott continues to send buses full of illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities:

  • Over 12,500 migrants to Washington, D.C. since April 2022
  • Over 38,200 migrants to New York City since August 2022
  • Over 31,700 migrants to Chicago since August 2022
  • Over 3,400 migrants to Philadelphia since November 2022
  • Over 16,300 migrants to Denver since May 18
  • Over 1,500 migrants to Los Angeles since June 14

Texas maintains control over Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, which not long ago was ground zero in the fight over concertina wire being installed by the Texas National Guard, but then cut down by U.S. Border Patrol agents.

Shelby Park remains off-limits to federal agents, and now the installation of concertina wire is spreading northwest. Operation Lone Star has now set up over 25 miles of razor wire in El Paso in a span of days. 

Texas National Guard installing razor wire. (February 23, 2023)

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