Heatwave may have peaked as showers head toward San Antonio

SAN ANTOINIO (KTSA News) — If you have been waiting for this summer’s heatwave to break, you might be in luck.

Temperatures are expected to remain below 100 degrees during the afternoon through the weekend, and it looks like things should stay that way moving ahead.

“It looks like we are on that trend,” says Orlando Bermudez, meteorologist with the National Weather Service in New Braunfels. “We are in that part of the year that temperatures start to cool down a little bit.”

Temperatures could spike back up into the upper 90s on Thursday and Friday, but daytime highs are expected to remain below the century mark.

There is a slight chance of thunderstorms for San Antonio and New Braunfels Tuesday afternoon, but those chances go up Wednesday through Friday with thunderstorm chances ranging from 30 to 50%.

Rain could continue through the weekend as well.

KTSA News will keep you posted on changing weather conditions.

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