SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — A man was shot and killed by police after allegedly taking an officer’s taser during a confrontation near Interstates 410 and 35 on the Northeast Side of San Antonio Wednesday afternoon.

San Antonio police chief William McManus said the man was spotted by a passerby taking license plates off a car on the frontage road near the Interstate 410/35 and Austin Highway interchange.

“Officers felt that he was acting somewhat suspiciously or somewhat strangely.  For their own protection, they went to handcuff him,” the police chief explained.

McManus says the man resisted and the officer felt the need to use a Taser to get the suspect under control.

“He tazed the individual — it had no effect.  He actually then took the Taser from the officer and then tazed the officer,” McManus continued.   “At the same time, he was reaching into a pocket where he had a knife.  The cover officer fired multiple shots at him and he was deceased at the scene.”

The car was a Cadillac that had been reported stolen.

The man — who right now is only being identified as being in his 30s — was recognized by a detective as being a frequent burglar on the North Side.

The tazed officer was not hurt.  The officer who shot the man was placed on administrative leave, which is protocol in any officer-involved shooting.

Police continue to investigate.

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