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Markley, van Camp and Robbins | August 4, 2021

The Boys cannot invalidate contracts, but apparently the CDC can now. President Joe Biden is calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo to resign, and the NIH Director clarifies comments about masking around kids while at home. A democratic senator says voting laws are, “The Delta variant of Jim Crow,” while Mark and Patricia McCloskey were pardoned by the governor of Missouri. President Biden tells the governors of Texas and Florida to, “Get out of the way,” and former President Obama “scales back” plans for his birthday bash. The brave Texas democrats that ran away are vacationing in Europe, and the Titanic Museum’s fake iceberg fell and injured three people. It’s not exactly clear what the President is saying about illegal immigrants, but it’s quite clear Mayor Bill de Blasio completely gutted Governor Andrew Cuomo. A US Olympian is overjoyed after winning the gold medal in wrestling, and she proclaims, “I freaking love the United States!” The infrastructure deal uses COVID relief money, and the vaccine passport just seems a bit racist. Doesn’t it?

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