Markley, van Camp and Robbins | July 23, 2021
The Boys have been able to see that a lot of people have been getting shot lately, and now ABC News seems to be taking a look into the situation. President Joe Biden was asked about defunding the police, and he gave an answer about eating children. CNN did a town hall with the President, yet they still came in dead last in the ratings. A flashback to the time Dr. Anthony Fauci dismissed the risks in regards to gain-of-function research, and a dude spent $30K on an Olympics ticket, but now can’t go. A Beto O’Rourke group raised $600K for Texas democrats in Washington D.C., and the White House promises Hunter Biden will be honest about his art sales. The reimagining of police just is not working out, and Minneapolis is moving forward with dismantling its police department. When asked about the issue of police defunding, President Biden comments about sucking the blood of children. The Cleveland Indians announce their name change, and a woman got confused, and went bungee jumping without a cord. Ryan Fujitani from Rotten Tomatoes will be out for a couple weeks, and Robbins will be back on Monday, but there is an Olympic-themed Friday Five — Best Running Songs.