Markley, van Camp and Robbins | July 6, 2021
MVC&R hope you had a good July 4th holiday weekend, but violence still runs rampant in Chicago, after two officers were wounded by downtown mobs. President Joe Biden fumbles through notes when asked about the latest ransomware attack, and a Daily Wire poll shows most Americans believe someone other than Biden is calling the shots in the White House. George Foreman posted a defiant patriotic message on July 4th, and ESPN’s Rachel Nichols believes she was passed over for being white. The US military literally snuck out the backdoor when leaving Afghanistan, and Target is closing stores at 6pm in San Francisco, because of the surging crime wave. Dr. Anthony Fauci is suggesting to “go the extra mile” and mask up, and President Biden tells the LA Dodgers about his baseball “feat.” A white supremacist group is scared off by a couple of guys in Philadelphia, and a black militant group gets involved in a standoff with police.