Markley, van Camp and Robbins | June 14, 2022
M&R hope Van Camp didn’t actually sell his kidney for gas money, but President Biden was yelling lies at union workers, while complaining about what he claimed were lies. Karine Jean-Pierre is asked for an update on the baby formula crisis, and she gets lost in her stack of scripts. Don Lemon asked a realistic question, for once, about the President’s stamina moving forward, and Jean-Pierre is shocked that he would even ask the question. Americans are not concerned with the January 6th Commission, despite the networks’ desperation to cover the hearings. While republicans question their support for Trump in 2024, the media make fools of themselves trying to make the case for a Biden vote, over Trump. Peter Doocy seemed to be having fun playing with Jean-Pierre’s incompetence, and a glitch caused a California gas station to sell gas for $0.69/gallon.