Report: Local attorney claims Bexar County Court Judge assaulted her at San Antonio restaurant

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Police being called in to break up an altercation is nothing new during Fiesta.

But a confrontation at Mi Tierra this week involves two women who spend a lot of time dealing with the law.

KSAT-12 is reporting that attorney Leigh Cutter is accusing a County Court Judge of body-checking her and making verbal threats.

Cutter says it happened Wednesday afternoon in the bar area at the legendary San Antonio restaurant.

The attorney claims County Court 7 Judge Melanie Lira accused her of disseminating rumors about her ex-boyfriend.

There’s cellphone video of the incident. The music at the bar makes it difficult to hear what the women are saying but at some point, Lira reaches out and covers the camera with her hand. That’s when the video ends.

The report from KSAT adds that a police officer viewed the video and came to the conclusion that there was no clear evidence of an assault.

The officer also stated that both women were intoxicated.

Cutter tells KSAT she was drinking, but was not intoxicated.

She is filing a formal complaint against Lira with the State Commission on Judicial Conduct.

Lira filed a harassment report against Cutter when she got home from the bar.  A police report claims she says she walked away from Cutter after they were not able to resolve their differences.

The judge has not been criminally charged.

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