Texas appeals judge ruling on new border security measure

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — It took little time for Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to appeal a ruling against SB 4, which stops the border security measure from taking effect on March, 5.

In a Thursday release, Paxton says SB 4 was adopted to address the historic number of illegal immigrants crossing the Texas-Mexico border.

“We have appealed this incorrect decision. Texas has a clear right to defend itself from the drug smugglers, human traffickers, cartels, and legions of illegal aliens crossing into our State as a consequence of the Biden Administration’s deliberate policy choices,” said Attorney General Paxton. “I will do everything possible to defend Texas’s right to defend herself against the catastrophic illegal invasion encouraged by the federal government.”

The new law would make it a state crime to cross the border illegally, and that would enable Texas law enforcement to detain and order illegal aliens to return to the country they illegally entered from. An individual’s first violation would be a misdemeanor, while those who repeatedly attempt to illegally enter Texas would be subject to felony charges.

You can see the filing by clicking here.

A federal judge blocked the law on Thursday, and within hours Texas appealed the ruling.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott declared an invasion at the southern border in November 2022. Since that time, the Governor and the White House have gone back and forth on a number of measures Texas has taken to stop what Abbott calls a disaster at the southern border.

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