Texas Testicle Festival planned for Saturday in Fredericksburg

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Do you enjoy dining on animal testicles but feel nobody else appreciates your unorthodox culinary choices?

We have good news!

The first ever Texas Testicle Festival is taking place in Fredericksburg this Saturday.

You may think we’re nuts…but this is an actual thing.

The festival promises a little something for everybody who goes for fried gonads.

They’ll be serving up testicles from calves, lambs, turkeys and other animals.

If by chance you’re just not into feasting on the family jewels of farm animals, there will be more common food offerings plus a lot of fun activities.

Live music, games, a bar and for the kids…a petting zoo…featuring some real nervous small animals.

The Texas Testicle Festival is Saturday from noon until 8 P.M. at Bankersmith Hall in Fredericksburg.

You can get tickets online by following this link.

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