Governor touts Texas as leader in job creation

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Texas smashed all previous records for total jobs, now for 21 months in a row, and again set new records for total Texans employed and total Texas labor force.

Governor Greg Abbott today celebrated the dominance of the state’s jobs economy following the release of June employment data showing that Texas again leads the nation for jobs added over the last 12 months.

June employment data released by the Texas Workforce Commission and the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows Texas has now added over 2.1 million jobs under Governor Abbott’s leadership and has again set new record highs:

  • Texas reaches a new high for total jobs at 13,944,600 as employers added 31,100 nonfarm jobs over the month.
  • Texas reaches a new high for Texans working, including employed and self-employed, at 14,429,900.
  • Texas reaches a new high with the largest labor force ever in the state’s history at 15,039,800.
  • Texas again leads the nation for job creation over the last 12 months, adding 542,500 jobs and growing at a 4.0% annual rate, the fastest of all states and well above the annual growth rate for the nation as a whole of 2.5%.

“It’s no surprise that Texas continues to lead the nation with more jobs added over the last 12 months and the fastest jobs growth rate in the country,” said Governor Abbott. “The undeniable dominance of Texas’ jobs economy is proof that businesses and jobs grow where given the freedom to succeed. It is a testament to the might of our state economy that more Texans are working than ever before as Texas smashes all previous records for total jobs, now 21 months in a row. More paychecks mean more opportunities for the people of this great state to thrive. Together with the nation’s most innovative businesses and the best workforce in America, we are building an even bigger, bolder Texas of tomorrow.”

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