Harlandale ISD unveils book vending machine for students

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — The Harlandale Independent School District is offering students at one of its elementary schools a new vending machine.

But this one is not dropping candy or soda.

A book vending machine was unveiled Tuesday morning at Vestal Elementary School, and the students are already putting it to work.

“We are incredibly excited about the positive impact the Book Vending Machine will have on our school culture,” said librarian Micaela Berry. “It’s not just about rewarding achievements; it’s about creating a fun and accessible way to encourage reading and celebrate individual journeys with literacy. We hope this initiative inspires a lifelong love of learning in each and every student.”

Harlandale ISD says the Book Vending Machine will offer a variety of engaging books and will serve as a unique reward system for positive student achievements. When students meet their mark, they are given a special gold coin that lets them choose a book from the machine that they get to keep, and maybe never forget.

Harlandale Independent School District – Book Vending Machine (February 13, 2024)

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