Local school superintendent inspired to buy 160 tickets to “Sound of Freedom” after seeing picture for first time

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — She was so moved by watching the movie “Sound of Freedom” she went out and bought 160 tickets for others to see.

South West Independent School District Superintendent Jeanette Ball talked with KTSA about her experience.

“So for me it was ‘what could I do to truly make an impact’,” Ball says. “And my role as Superintendent I’m entrusted with almost 15,000 students.  So for me I had to find a way to show this movie to as many people as I could in order to do my part to save as many children as possible.”

Ball says the specter of human trafficking and sex trafficking is taking place right under our noses.

“I realize the magnitude of what this is in what is happening in our communities and nearby,” Ball says.  “In doing some research, I found out this is really happening too close to home.”

In an interview with KTSA asked Superintendent Ball about screening the film for the students of the district.

“Now that you mention that to me, I am definitely going to do that!” Ball said, “I had not thought about that, but that is a great idea!”

The independent production shines a light on the underworld of human trafficking in South America. It was released July 4th and is closing in on more than a hundred million dollars at the box office.

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