Sean Rima: On Chicken Sandwiches and Gay People.


“They are shitty to gay people and that’s not cool…”

A facebook friend.


The above quote comes from a comment by a friend on my post concerning Greg Brockhouse’s apology to Dan Cathy, CEO of Chic-fil-a. While I respect this person as a friend, her comment is standard fare for folks who have it in their noggins that Chic-fil-a is somehow anti-gay because the Cathy family donates a tiny-ass portion of their total wealth to charities and organizations that promote a traditional view of marriage.

This stuff is, frankly, embarrassing, especially coming from fully-grown adults. It is no less embarrassing than the ignorance of fully-grown adults within our own city leadership, who last week gave the middle finger (for all of us, without asking, BTW) to the third-most successeful fast food chain in America.

The fact of it is that Jussie Smollett, a gay black man, could walk into any Chic-fil-a in this country and be served with the same courtesy and respect that everyone else enjoys.

Moreover, if Jussie needed a job, he could fill out an application at any franchise location, and, if he showed enthusiasm, he would be hired by Chic-fil-a. As a self-described “man of faith,” Jussie would also get to go to church every Sunday, and spend time with his family.

In other words, they treat everybody the same, no matter what the CEO believes within his faith.

It’s called “Tolerance”.

Beyond that, they sell chicken sandwiches.

That’s all they do.

Damn good ones, too.

And the waffle fries are badass. And I don’t even like french fries. I’m an onion ring guy, but when I get a hankerin’ for some of those badass waffle fries with Chic-fil-a sauce, you know what?

I’ll buy extra on Saturday to cover my Sunday.

Jesus loves you (and so does Dan Cathy),

rev s



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