Texas has the cheapest gas prices in the country

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Texas has the cheapest gas in the country, according to AAA.

The statewide average price for a gallon of unleaded is $3.78, which is around .17 cents less than what you were paying a week ago today, but just under $1 dollar more than the average price of gas a year ago.

The average price of gas in San Antonio is $3.69 per gallon, but prices go up in other parts of the state.

In Austin, the average price for a gallon of unleaded is $3.82, and the most expensive gas in Texas is in College Station where the average price for regular is $3.94.

The national average price is $4.27, and the most expensive fuel in the nation is still found in California, where drivers are paying an average of $5.66 per gallon.

But even though gas prices continue to trickle downward after historic highs in June, it is hard to tell how long the trend will continue.

“With crude oil prices steadily below $100 a barrel in recent days, coupled with what appears to be a healthy supply of regional gasoline product, could be leading factors as to why prices are falling at the pump,” said AAA Texas spokesperson Joshua Zuber. “Last minute road trips may increase gasoline demand as we wrap up the summer driving season with gas price averages dropping almost daily. But, how long this downward trend continues remains to be seen.”

There are some ways you can save even more money on gas, according to AAA.

How you drive is the biggest factor in how much you spend on gas. You will save gas by driving the speed limit and by avoiding rapid acceleration. Using cruise control in dry conditions can also help you save money.

Granted, temperatures are hot this summer, but if you use the air conditioning in your car as little as possible, you will burn less gas than you would otherwise.