Texas National Guard deploys high-tech surveillance system to border

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Texas Governor Greg Abbott is standing firm against the Biden Administration and its demand for access to a city-owned riverfront park in Eagle Pass.

The standoff has become ground zero in the standoff between Texas and the federal government on border security but this is not stopping the Texas National Guard from taking new measures to stop illegal immigrants from sneaking across the Texas-Mexico border.

Advanced cameras known as Modular Mobile Surveillance Systems (M2S2) are now at work.

“It allows you to go ahead and see in thermals, daytime, magnifying zoom up to 20 miles,” said Staff Sgt. Zachary Chaffee. “You can zoom in with both a radar and camera systems. With the truck, it allows us a much more advanced camera and thermal. You can see them in black, black hot, white hot, red, predator vision. Texas itself—the Texas National Guard—is being a trailblazer, using that new equipment to go ahead and monitor the border and make sure it’s safe.”

M2S2 is operated from trucks, which makes them highly mobile. The technology allows Texas law enforcement to detect the presence of migrant caravans long before they begin crossing the border illegally.

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