SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — King Jay Davila’s mother said the man widely reported and considered by police and others to be the baby’s father is not the baby’s father in a San Antonio courtroom Thursday.

It comes after a Maury Povich-style back and forth in the San Antonio Express-News about who fathered the now-deceased infant.

Jasmine Gonzales broke the news as she testified in a hearing over whether Christopher Davila’s bail should be reduced.

Davila is accused of a list a crimes, including causing serious bodily injury to a child and evidence tampering.

The Express-News said the mother and Davila himself claimed to the paper Davila was the baby’s father.  They talked to another man, Martin Gonzales, currently in prison in East Texas who claims he is actually the baby’s father.

The paper said Martin’s estranged wife filed court documents looking for a divorce last summer and declare Davila to be the boy’s father.  The papers supposedly had his signature on it and a notary stamp from someone who died the previous year.

Jasmine told the paper when asked at the time last month about who fathered King Jay that Martin “didn’t even know who King is.”

The circus comes as three people face charges for the death of the boy who never lived to see his first birthday, which was Thursday.

Davila’s mother and cousin are also facing evidence tampering charges.

The judge declined to reduce Davila’s bail at the Thursday hearing.

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