Dog attack on elderly man sparks anger in community aimed at Animal Care Services

SAN ANTONIO (KTSA News) — Animal Care Services is getting called out for not taking action when warned about the violent behavior of a pair of dogs.

Those dogs ultimately ended up attacking a 76-year-old man in the early morning hours of Wednesday morning.

Max De Los Santos will undergo several surgeries and a long road to recovery.  He was bitten on the neck, arm, and leg.

Beatrice De Los Santos says she and her neighbors have all called Animal Care Services about the German Shepherd and Staffordshire Terrier in the past and gotten no action.

During the attack on Mr. De Los Santos, neighbor Rudy Pantoja helped rescue him just at they were reportedly dragging the elderly man away to their house to kill him.

Speaking after the incident, Pantoja said he thought Max De Los Santos wasn’t going to survive the attack, based on the state of the condition he was in.

Mrs. De Los Santos calls the Pantoja family ‘her angels’ for saving the life of her husband.

The female owner of the dogs is cooperating with San Antonio Police, charges have yet to filed, but she was cited for not having the dogs restrained by ACS.

San Antonio police said the investigation remains underway.

As for the animals, they are in a 10-day quarantine.

ACS told KSAT 12 they have been called to the property in the past, but did not provide specifics about the calls.


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