I had never heard of Jussie Smollet until a couple of weeks ago when the news broke that an actor had been attacked in Chicago by white, Trump-supporting, MAGA hat-wearing guys.

I don’t watch his show so I don’t have much of an opinion about him one way or the other. Hence, I don’t know if he is telling the truth about the attack or not. Reporting out of Chicago would indicate not. He may even have staged the whole thing. Time will tell. The truth always comes out.

What I know is the Trump-hating media and politicians jumped on this and took Smollett’s word as gospel. I am not surprised by this because the media is not about discovering the truth. In their rage against President Trump, the mainstream media have joined the war on Trump’s America. For them the truth doesn’t matter. The only thing they care about is bringing Trump down.

Had the truth mattered to the media they would have asked some basic questions about the alleged attack before they ran with it as a “fact.”

Here are a few they should have asked:

  1. Why didn’t Mr. Smollett call police immediately?
  2. If you were beaten up by white-supremacists would you still pick up your Subway sandwich AFTER the attack? Would you walk home with the noose around your neck, eat your Subway sandwich, call TMZ and a publicist BEFORE you called police?
  3. How did his Trump-loving, MAGA hat-wearing attackers know he was going to walk to Subway at 2am? Smollett says his decision to go there was “spontaneous.”
  4.  Why would he refuse to give police his phone?
  5.  Why would he wait two-weeks before turning over his phone records, and then when he gave them up they were heavily redacted?
  6. Why would Trump-loving attackers choose a relatively no name actor to be their victim?

The media should have asked these, and many other questions BEFORE running with this story as an absolute fact.


Unless they are willing participants in an all-out war against President Trump.

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