Trey Ware: Here Comes The Lurch To The Left

The refrain repeated most often by supporters of Mayor Ron Nirenberg is that his challenger, Greg Brockhouse, was a “shill” for the public safety unions. That if Mr. Brockhouse made it to the mayor’s office he would be “all-in” for the police and firefighters of San Antonio.

In other words, Greg Brockhouse would owe everything to the public safety unions, and that would be a bad thing.

The ironic truth is there has never been a San Antonio politician who owes more than Ron Nirenberg. And the people he owes are all radical “progressives.”

After being surprised by Brockhouse in the general election, the Nirenberg camp put out the call for statewide reinforcements to speed to his aid. The message was clear – if you don’t come help Ron all of the “progress” we have made over the past two years will be lost, and Texas would take a step backward on its path to turning blue.

Ron is the Mayor who…

Got crosswalks painted in rainbows using taxpayer money.

Removed the confederate statue from Travis Park and hid it away from view.

Forced through a city budget using an “equity lens” so taxpayer money could be spread around a little bit by taking it from hard-working people in one district to be used in another.

Shepherded the plan to “change the story of the Alamo” by dismantling and moving the tomb of the defenders.

Pushed through the anti-business paid time off ordinance.

Kept non-union Amazon from setting up shop in SA.

He took council behind closed doors to form a “consensus” to block the GOP and President Trump from holding their nominating convention in San Antonio.

And finally, he was able to keep Chick-fil-A from doing business with the city.

So the “progressive” reinforcements came from Austin, Houston, Dallas, and even out of state to help Ron Nirenberg win back the mayor’s office for 2 more years by the narrowest of margins (51%).

If you thought the last two years were a ride, hold on because you haven’t seen anything yet. And with the departure of Greg Brockhouse from council there won’t be a strong opposition voice to hold the “agenda” in check.

Ok “progressives” step right up, the payoff window is now open.

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